All your business needs in one place

Ezuro is a modern and versatile business management system that will cover all your everyday necessities in easy and well structured way.

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Why Ezuro?

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Manage all your company's internal processes in one place. Ezuro lets you easily find employee contact information, overview and edit their positions, duties and responsibilities effortlessly from place and device you prefer.

Key features:

  • Central news announcements - instantly notifies your employees
  • Responsibilities - see who has to do what
  • Job instructions - clear and specific for everyone
  • Employee contact information - all in one place
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Keep up with the newest statistics of finance and other key performance indicators(KPI's) in realtime and overview all business processes step-by-step.

Key features:

  • Records and contracts - all kept safe and easy to access
  • Employee tasks - assign and see how they perform
  • Detailed process visualization - lets you see the big picture from above
  • Adjustable realtime statistics - in predefined format depending on your needs
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Save your time and money by automating the processes your employees have to do on a daily basis. Thanks to Ezuro many things can be self-serviced from anywhere.

Key features:

  • Detailed reports - see the hours each employee has worked
  • Self-service shift switching - employees can do it all by themselves
  • Absence apply - reduces the paperwork and lets employees declare the absence online
  • Automatic schedule generator - creates schedules based on employee unavailable days
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We offer you 30 day trial version that includes all Ezuro functionality as in Premium package. Try for free and see how your business can benefit from using Ezuro.

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