Looking for a cutting-edge solution to streamline your workforce scheduling process? Look no further than EZURO, the premier SAAS system that takes the hassle out of managing your team's work schedules. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, EZURO revolutionizes the way you handle scheduling, making it easier and more efficient than ever before.

Features that Make EZURO Stand Out

  • Tailored Work Schedules

    Craft work schedules effortlessly by considering unit requirements, required manpower per day, and skill sets. Whether you prefer manual customization or automated generation, EZURO has you covered.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Our intuitive interface allows you to easily modify and review work schedules. With just a few clicks, you can make adjustments and ensure optimal staffing levels.

  • Event Integration

    Seamlessly add events to shifts, such as lunch breaks or delays, ensuring accurate tracking and management of work hours.

  • Automated Schedule Generation

    EZURO takes into account countrie's legal requirements (short workdays, holidays), employee absences, and desired off-days to automatically generate best possible schedules.

  • Export Flexibility

    Export schedules in xls and csv formats, fully customizable to fit your needs. Easily integrate with other systems or print for signatures, enhancing versatility and efficiency.

  • Change History Tracking

    Keep track of all schedule changes with the change history feature. Maintain transparency and accountability within your scheduling process.

Efficient Time Tracking

  • FILO or Interval Methods

    Utilize FILO or interval methods to accurately track work hours. Assign time entries to employees seamlessly, ensuring accurate payroll processing.

  • RFID Integration

    Simplify attendance management and enhance security by connecting with door access control systems like Rosslare or use our own Ezuro RFID reader for streamlined time tracking.

EZURO revolutionizes scheduling by combining advanced technology with user-centric design. Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and embrace efficiency, compliance, and accuracy with every shift. Simplify your workforce management today with EZURO's cutting-edge SAAS system.